Foaming Essential Oil Hand Soap - Custom

Sustainable packaging jar made of glass and bronze. We ship the jar empty along with essential oil soap packet that you pour in jar and fill with water. This saves on fuel when shipping to reduce carbon footprint of product.

Purchase refill packets of concentrated essential oil soap that are small and light and have almost zero carbon footprint for shipping. 

Glass is sustainable and compatible with essential oils. Many pure essential oils will melt cheaper plastic bottles. 

Use with water, or massage in hands for about 30 seconds to absorb into skin leaving hands hydrated, much better than alcohol based hand sanitizing gel. 


  • Pure Organic Castile soap
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Plant derived emulsifier

Just email us at hello@fuzebody.com after you place an order and tell us what essential oils you would like us to blend in.

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