Best Sellers Kit + Point Of Sale Display

We have personally sold our products at hundreds of different farmers markets and retail stores across the country. We see what sells best in person and so we have curated a list of our best sellers and a beautiful display to help present them best.

Modular 45+ piece set - Great for displaying Fuze Body products. Whitewashed color to match any decor. Includes: 

  • Large wood crate
  • Medium wood crate
  • Small wood crate
  • Essential oil/roll-on display holder
  • Fuze Body laser engraved logo plaques 
  • Mood charts
  • 3 battery powered puck lights
  • 9 AAA batteries
  • Shower Smoothie instructions
  • Instruction card holders
  • 13 large twenty five packs of Shower Smoothies (variety)
  • 5 fourteen packs of Shower Smoothies (variety)
  • 6 jars of Body Butter
  • 3 bottles of Calm Mojito pure essential oil blend, 15ml each
  • 6 x 5ml roll-ons (variety)
  • 10 x 10ml roll-ons (variety)
  • 130 ml Diffuser
  • Wood crate checkout counter display

$1,200 retail value

$500 wholesale