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Candy Cane Lane

As the smell of  delicious meals and the sounds of yuletide songs and friend fill the air, take time to relax with this Bombshell that will take you down memory lane and all the best meanings of the holidays. 

Comes complete with 1 Bombshell, 1 Peppermint and 1 Cedar Wood Blends, and 1 Vitamine B Booster to give you energy to get through the holidays. 

Bombshells are the largest bath bombs on the market at over 8cm and 1/2 a pound each because luxury doesn't have to be bite size. 

What makes our Bombshells so special is not only the customization and longer shelf life, but our base ingredients are second to none. Our skin softening signature formula is made up of organic ingredients. They are hand made in Miami, cruelty free - never tested on animals, vegan based, ethically sourced natural ingredients, all in a patent pending technology.