How to make your own essential oil roller

How to make your own essential oil roller

July 29, 2019

Essential oil rollers are the best invention after essential oils themselves. They are so practical! You just drop it in your purse or pocket and have it handy anytime you need it.

How to make your own essential oil roller


It is amazing to enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils through a diffuser (using oils like Lemongrass or Rose... oh my goodness! Smells so good!)  but you can really take aromatherapy to the next level when you apply the oil directly to your skin and allow it to absorb all its goodness throughout the day.

Essential oils are super concentrated and could irritate your skin if not properly diluted. Thankfully carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil, work effectively to mix with essential oils and quickly absorb into your skin. It has no scent, will not clog pores and is great for dry or damaged skin.

Make sure the coconut oil you use is fractionated. The oil comes from solid coconut oil from the Cocos Nucifera seed that has been physically processed to separate it into different fractions. The solid portion is further divided into specific saturated fats like lauric acid; the liquid portion is fractionated coconut oil. Removing the saturated fat from the oil is what allows it to be better absorbed through the skin.

The rollers are really good in applications where you will really enjoy the benefits of essential oils through direct contact with your skin like when you have sore muscles, a stuffy nose or a massive headache.

Now that you are convinced you need those roller bottles in your life, let’s get to making them!


It is quick and easy to fill your own roller bottle. I am going to use the recipe of the popular Mojito blend. Inspired by the popular drink, you'll feel like you're sipping a cool one on Miami Beach. ;-)

The Mojito blend is a combination of lime and peppermint essential oils. Apart from smelling great, lime oil has a myriad of great therapeutic benefits including its antidepressant properties. Combined with peppermint oil that is widely used for headaches and clogged sinus relief, rolling a blend on your temples or upper lip will help promote a sense of calmness and even help as an appetite suppressant.


You can get the DIY Mojito kit, here!

How to make your own essential oil roller


 Step 1: Remove the plastic part of the stainless steel roller ball using a metal essential oil key tool for roller balls. I find it easy to just remove it with my nails. Make sure to remove the whole unit and not the roller ball itself.

How to make your own essential oil roller


Step 2: 

Using your plastic dropper, fill the roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil using a dropper to make it easier to fill and mess-free. Make sure to not fill the bottle to the very top as you still need space to add the essential oils, leave about 10% of the bottle empty.

How to make your own essential oil roller


Step 3:

You can choose the dilution you want for your roller blend. For a 5 ml bottle use:

  • A 5% dilution of essential oils is 1 teaspoon fractionated coconut oil to 5 drops essential oil.
  • A 10% dilution would use 10 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of carrier oil, and so on.

For the 10 ml roller bottle just double the recipe.

For the Mojito Blend it is 4:1 ratio for the lime and peppermint respectively. i.e. If you use 10 drops, 8 will be lime and 2 peppermint. You can add an extra peppermint drop to the blend if you like a stronger scent.

How to make your own essential oil roller


Replace the roller ball cap and there you go!

Now you can use your favorite essential oils to make your own customized roller blend easily at home.

I wish you success in your journey into the wonderful world of essential oils. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment below or email me at tatiana@fuzebody.com

Do you have a favorite blend recipe? Share the recipe with us!



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