How to Survive the Aftermath of a Bad Valentine’s Day

How to Survive the Aftermath of a Bad Valentine's Day

February 15, 2019

Is it chilly in here or is that just my spouse's shoulder?


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So odds are you probably didn't have a no-good-dirty-rotten-flaming-trash-heap of a Valentine's Day, but throughout the year we all butt heads with our loved ones on occasion.

Let's face it - fights and arguments are normal and very much a necessary part of any healthy relationship because we're all different people with deeply personal aspirations for the future. I've often heard that if you don't fight with your spouse frequently it's because one person is giving up too much, which can lead to the dangerous feelings of contempt and resentment. Here's a quick tip that's helped me reduce the amount of heated arguments as well as the intensity of them.

One of the leading figures in this area Dr. John Gottman, a psychological researcher who did extensive work over four decades on divorce prediction and marital stability, preaches that we frequently forget to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing important things in the lives of our loved ones. What are their current fears, unrealized dreams, favorite getaway place, stresses, etc...

Staying current with my spouse and not assuming that they're the same young pup as when we tied the knot has helped us both make better efforts to stay on our good sides.

If you feel like they need some space to cool down, gain some ground and give them a healing break with one of our calming products.

With tarragon, basil, sweet marjoram, lavender, and other soothing oils, the products with the Just Chill blend will help you melt your worries away...Also try our Mojito version. 


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