How Unchecked Stress Can Affect Your Life

How Unchecked Stress Can Affect Your Life

September 11, 2020

Stress can dominate your life if you are not careful. Keeping track of your family’s weekly schedules, balancing home life with work, or paying for a myriad of activities can build up a mass of internal stress that needs to be let go. Stress can be good, but it needs to be monitored. If you are not careful, it will do more harm than good.

Decline in Physical Health

When it comes to physical and mental wellness, your mental health is harder to pay attention to. However, not giving your mind some TLC will negatively affect you physically. Migraines and illness occur more frequently in high-stress individuals since your body is doing the upkeep on your mental stressors.

You also might be less likely to exercise or eat right under intense stress. Overeating usually happens because people are stressed. According to Lark, internal tension also leads to higher blood pressure and hypertension in the muscles. It may also increase heart rate to an unhealthy degree. Pay attention to your body and take care of yourself.

Panic Attacks

If stress gets bad enough, you might not only have gradual pain or health problems. You can also face scary panic attacks. According to New Paths, panic attacks can be caused by unresolved trauma in your life. If you have this trauma, be aware of potential triggers and try to keep yourself calm and develop new paths of thought.

Common panic attack signs happen when you or a friend have an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Muscles in your throat and body will tighten up. You may not feel like you can breathe. These are different for each person, but be aware that they can happen without taking care of your mental health.

Strained Personal Relationships

Sadly, unchecked stress does not only affect you, but it can affect your interpersonal relationships. This includes friends, coworkers, and family members. If you don’t take care of your stressors, you will likely have a shorter fuse and be willing to lash out at others more often. Another common problem is withdrawal—a friend or family member is so stressed that they refuse to share their feelings with others.

Communicate with those closest to you. They care and want to help you. If you would rather talk to someone else, consider contacting a professional therapist that can talk you through your problems.

Having stress does not make you weak—it makes you human. Everyone faces stressful situations, and it’s important to acknowledge them and ask for help when necessary. You don’t have to tackle your mental health challenges on your own.

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