One Day Full Lifestyle Reset to Start Getting Things Done

One Day Full Lifestyle Reset to Start Getting Things Done

April 23, 2019

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The word is “focus” and you don’t have it. Am I right? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We live in an information obsessed world and it has no hesitation when it comes to sucking us in. With smartphones, social media, and workplace trends that require you to be busier and busier every year, it’s no surprise that it takes a bit of Spring Cleaning to get your focus back. Sometimes we get caught up in it all and need to refresh and reset. Here are the 4 steps you can take today to reset and start getting things done.

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  1. Take A Bath

You need to relax. This is to prepare you for the changes you are about to make. If you have made it this far into the article I can only assume two things: You are unsatisfied with the way you are getting things done, and you are looking to change your behaviors. Both of those feelings are usually born from stress. Stress steals your power. You actually can’t make meaningful change as effectively if you are starting out stressed. Take an hour to get yourself into a productive state of mind. The warm water will calm your nervous system and you can visualize washing everything away and starting with a clean slate. If you throw in a few Focus Bath Pearls you’ll have the power of eleven high quality oils and be more than prepared. Do this regularly to help yourself commit to changes that you will make.  

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       2. Get Some Sleep

For most of us, when we get busy, sleep is the first thing to go. This is a habit that you absolutely need to change if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately that beautiful, helpful smartphone is great in the daytime, but it is the biggest enemy to sleep. My advice is look into the Anti-Social App. It can help you schedule your social media time and keep tabs on if your phone is taking over your life. 

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        3. Visit a Friend

When was the last time you just had a little fun with your friends? This is for your emotional well being which is another important piece to the puzzle. You need to feel valued to do good work- whatever that work may be. The easiest place to find that feeling of value is to spend time with someone who cares about you. You also need to laugh a little. Laughter is the best medicine! If you can make friends at work, that’s even better.  Check out what CNBC has to say about it here.

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       4. Exercise

We talked about getting enough sleep, now we need to talk about how to be living life to its fullest while you are awake. Exercise is the single most effective way to wake up strong and keep that energy throughout the day. Listen, I know that you skimmed that last sentence because honestly, we’ve all heard it a million times. My question for you is are you exercising daily right now? If you are not, you will not understand the difference it can make in your life. Plain and simple. I say give it a try! If you want to make it extra effective throw a drop of any citrus essential oil onto a Lava stone Diffuser Necklace to keep the good vibes rolling all day long.   

If you are feeling like you just can’t get your feet underneath you, take a day to reset. The world will keep spinning, but you can stand still for a few minutes. Welcome to the world of getting things done.

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