pH Balancing Bath Crystals

While most women will never have a problem when using a bath bomb, not all women are the same. Some women have had feminine sensitivity to using bath bombs. That's why we invented pH Balancing Crystals, to get your tub water to the proper pH level to maintain feminine balance and comfort. 

Simply use the included water pH test strips by placing a couple drops on the paper and compare to the color chart to see what the pH level is. Then add the proper number of pH Balancing Crystals (on average use 3 Crystals to lower the pH 1 level) to the bath water until you reach the desired pH level. 

The optimal feminine pH level is under 4.5 

Made with Vitamin C powder and citric acid, the pH Balancing Crystals are not only safe, but good for immunity and exfoliating your skin. 


30 pH Balancing Crystals per tin 

30 pH test strips

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