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About Us

Our Story

Based in Miami, Florida, Bombshells™ by FUZE™ are the first and only bath bombs that allow users to be part of the creation process. We have invented an entirely new way to make bath bombs by including an outer hole and an inner cavity, which creates a “shell” type sphere. This patent pending feature allows bathers to Blend™ multiple types of essential oils inside the Bombshell™ with their favorite aromas that are prefilled in our capsules as well as our Booster™ nutrient filled capsules.

Don't make your mood match your bath bomb, make your bath bomb match your mood!

Because of the round cavity inside, once the capsules are dropped in they won't fall out.

Sometimes you need a bath that wakes you up, so you can load a Bombshell™ with one of our Coffee Blends™ capsules along with our caffeine Booster capsule for an invigorating bath

Other times you want to relax at the end of the day, so load your Bombshell™ with lavender and vanilla Blends™ capsules and maybe a Vitamin E Booster™ capsule to relax and rejuvenate. 

Or maybe you’re trying to get your sweetheart’s attention and want him to take a bath with you, so a passion fruit Blend capsule and pheromone Booster™ capsule blended bath is what you’re looking for.

Whatever kind of bath you can imagine, it is all possible with Bombshells™ by Fuze™.

Our products are all hand made in Miami Beach, FL, made from the best vegan ingredients and animal cruelty free. 

Our History

After trying for months to find the perfect combination of aromatherapy and nutrients we realized people's moods change between when they buy and when they use a bath bomb and there was no way to adapt a bath bomb to those changes. Bath bombs also lose their scent after sitting on the shelf for a couple of months. We decided we should invite consumers to be part of the experience with instantly customizable bath bombs that can be loaded with countless combinations of essential oils and nutrients the user wants at the moment of taking a bath, and never have to worry about shelf life again. For us, the difference is in the details, that’s why we’ve scoured the globe to find the best possible essential oils to match the mood every customer wants no matter how often it may change. We had dozens of people test our products to get the design and recipe just right and spent months developing our patent pending technology and manufacturing process. Customizing your Bombshell™ takes seconds: load your Bombshell with Blends and Boosters and drop it in your bath. Ordering your Bombshell couldn’t be easier, first choose the style and quantity of Bombshells you want, second choose your favorite essential oil Blends™ you would like to mix and match in your bombshell, and third add any nutrient Booster™ capsules you like. We have collected some unique add on capsules never done before such as pheromones when you want to take a romantic bath with your sweetheart, caffeine for a pick me up, vitamin E for healthier skin, and more.

Our Mission  

FUZE™ is dedicated to creating luxurious and unique bathing experiences that bind mind, body and soul.