Natural Loofah Bag

All Shower Smoothies include this Sisal Loofah Bag, but you can purchase additional ones here. Our Loofah Bag texture has a light exfoliating feel to it, gentle on the skin similar to hemp, but still exfoliates. 

Measures 5.5 x 3.5 inches

Sisal (/ˈssəl/,[2] Spanish: [siˈsal]), with the botanical name Agave sisalana, is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated and naturalized in many other countries. It yields a stiff fibre used in making various products. The term sisal may refer either to the plant's common name or the fibre, depending on the context. It is sometimes referred to as "sisal hemp", because for centuries hemp was a major source for fibre, and other fibre sources were named after it.

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